Pool & Spa Inspection

Our Swimming Pool and/or Spa inspection report will evaluate the pool/spa components which are or can be adversely affected by the chemicals associated with pool/spa upkeep and maintenence.  Additionally,  the inspection takes an in-depth look /evaluation of all pool/spa components and systems.


We deliver your Pool and/or Spa report and associated forms, digitally and securely, directly to your designated email and usually within 24 hours.  The typical Pool/Spa inspection report varies in length but you can be assured it is a comprehensive report which includs color digital photographs and informative illustrations (where necessary).  The final report includes a complete evaluation of the following areas:

  • water and water levels

  • pool shell: bottom/sides (general condition)

  • drains and drain covers

  • skimmers

  • lighting

  • electrical

  • plumbing and pipes (leaks and connections)

  • barriers (fencing/doors/gates/alarms)

  • adjacent decking

  • ladders, chairs, rails, treads, plates

  • covers

  • working systems/components; pumps, filters, heaters, and more

Pool & Spa Inspection

  • All applicable state and local sales tax will be added to the final purchase price of you plan.  Other restrictions may apply.  Offer is for a limited time and may be discontinuted at any time without prior notice.

  • The following fees/costs will be added to the basic plan pricing and are additional to the base plan pricing as follows (when applicable):

    • $2/mile will be added for each mile over 30 miles
    • $1.80 will be added for every year of the home older than 5 years
    • Offer is for a limited time and may be discontinuted at any time without prior notice