Condo Inspection

Condominium inspection pricing starts at $375 with additional fees for age of structure and distance traveled.


Our final inspection report will evaluate multiple components (components are permanently installed or attached fixtures, elements or parts of a system) both inside and outside the home.  We will activate components by turning them on/supplying power, enabling systems, equipment or devices to become active by normal operating controls (e.g., turning on light fixtures, etc.).


We deliver your final report, digitally and securely, directly to your designated email and usually within 24 hours.  The typical report varies in length fro 35 - 75 pages, including color digital photographs and informative illustrations.  The final report includes hundreds of items including but not limited to the following major areas:

  • interior components

  • exterior components (when applicable)

  • roofing (when applicable)

  • basements/garages (when applicable)

  • heating/cooling systems

  • ventilation

  • electrical

  • plumbing

  • insulation (when applicable)

  • structure (when applicable)

  • foundation (when applicable)

  • and more. .

Condo Inspection

  • Condominium inspections may be subject to State and local sales tax  added to the final purchase price of you plan.  Other restrictions may apply.  Offer is for a limited time and may be discontinuted at any time without prior notice

  • The following fees/costs will be added to the basic plan pricing and are additional to the base plan pricing as follows (when applicable):

    • $2/mile will be added for each mile over 30 miles
    • $1.80 will be added for every year of the home older than 5 years
    • $0.04/square foot over 2,500 square feet
    • Special offers are for a limited time and may be discontinuted at any time without prior notice