Our preventive maintenance inspection plan delivers a detailed report directly to you and your homeowner(s).  The report will assess multiple components (components are permanently installed or attached fixtures, elements or parts of a system) both inside and outside the rental property. We can activate components by turning them on/supplying power, enabling systems, equipment or devices to become active by normal operating controls (e.g., turning on light fixtures, etc.) to thereby determine their operational capabilities.  We will inspect exterior components in order to diagnose and prevent larger potential problems down the road.


We deliver your final report, digitally and securely, directly to your designated email and usually within 24 hours using Spectora, state-of-the-art software, which is fast becoming the industry standard.  The typical report varies in length from 35 - 75 pages, including color digital photographs and informative illustrations.  The final report includes hundreds of items including, but not limited to the following major home areas:

  • interior components

  • exterior components

  • roofing

  • basements/garages

  • heating/cooling systems

  • ventilation

  • electrical

  • plumbing

  • insulation

  • structure

  • foundation

  • safety issues

  • and more. . .

Get ahead of the issues that can take a property off the market for extended periods of time through early detection and preventive maintenance.  We'll point out safety issues and make appropriate recommendations for immediate and necessary repairs as well as future, potential repairs.


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