Our final inspection report will evaluate multiple components (components are permanently installed or attached fixtures, elements or parts of a system) both inside and outside the home.  We can activate components by turning them on/supplying power, enabling systems, equipment or devices to become active by normal operating controls (e.g., turning on light fixtures, etc.).


We deliver your final report, digitally and securely, directly to your designated email and usually within 24 hours using Spectora, state-of-the-art software, which is fast becoming the industry standard.  The typical report varies in length from 35 - 75 pages, including color digital photographs and informative illustrations.  The final report includes hundreds of items including, but not limited to the following major home areas:

  • interior components

  • exterior components

  • roofing

  • basements/garages

  • heating/cooling systems

  • ventilation

  • electrical

  • plumbing

  • insulation

  • structure

  • foundation

  • and more. . .
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Terms & conditions Apply, for more information go to:

Blackbird Home Inspections participates in the InterNACHI We'll Buy your Home Guarantee on all Home Inspections. Purchase your dream home worry-free! If Blackbird Home Inspections missed anything per InterNACHI's Residential Standards of Practice on the inspection, InterNACHI will purchase your home at Full Price!  


Home inspection prices vary, based on multiple factors and while a home inspection is not required to execute a real estate contract, it is highly recommended to protect the buyer.  Here are some of the factors which affect the inspection fees:

  • base price home inspection

  • age of the home

  • size of the home

  • availability of home inspectors

  • among other considerations. . .


BlackBird Home Inspections is also a certified 4 Point Inspector.  What is a 4 Point Inspection?  A 4 Point Inspection consists of the following and is a scaled-down version of the whole home inspection with greater emphasis placed on the following four major areas:

  • advanced electrical inspection

  • advanced HVAC inspection

  • advanced water heater tank inspection

  • advanced general roof inspection

  • advanced grading inspection

  • advanced roof Inspection


BlackBird Home Inspections is a certified Wind Mitigation Inspector.  What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection?  A Wind Mitigation inspection is primarily an insurance verification regarding the home components which are or can be adversely affected by excessive winds (those commonly associated with hurricanes).  The inspection takes an in-depth look/evaluation of all roofing components, and exterior openings:

  • windows

  • doors

  • garage doors

  • skylights

  • roof structure



BlackBird Home Inspections is also a certified Pool & Spa Inspector. What is a Pool & Spa Inspection? Pool & Spa inspections are outside the scope of the standard home inspection. Therefore, a additional certification is needed as well as an additional fee for the home buyer. The standard Pool and/or Spa inspection takes an in-depth look/evaluation at the pool/spa components, and reports on satisfactory and/or deficient components and systems found during the inspection process. A typical inspection covers:

  • the pool or spa itself

  • pumps and filters

  • plumbing

  • electrical components

  • barriers/gates/doors

  • and more. . .

Think of your home purchase much like you did when you purchased your car. Did you purchase your car without fist taking it to your trusted mechanic? Did you take it for a test drive?  Of course you did and your home purchase is much the same, except the purchase price of your home will probably be 10-times greater or more than that of your car!

The bottom line - your home purchase is much too important not to trust it to a professional, licensed inspector.  We will assist you in making an informed home buying decision.

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