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The All Clear System is easy to set up, intuitive and user friendly. There are multiple built-in features within the system, each focused on agent safety and accountability.

The All Clear app is available for both Android and Apple mobile devices

Black Bird Home Inspectors

  • All Clear App

    • a portion of the system which runs on mobile devices

    • used to start timers, check status and indicate your are safe/secure

  • All Clear Cloud

    • information is stored in the cloud, not on the mobile device

    • timers run in the cloud, not the mobile device

    • notifications are done from the cloud, not from the mobile device

  • All Clear Dashboard/Management Tool

    • used to configure and manage the system

All Clear isn't just another phone app - It's comprised of multiple components:

  • The All Clear App runs extremely efficiently and can run for an entire month while using less data than what it takes to load a typical web page one time.

Never be alone on a property showing again!

  • Notifications are customized by client (i.e., ABC Realty, home showing, emergency alert, etc.) with events occurring in the system recorded and available to view real-time.

Black Bird Home Inspectors
Black Bird Home Inspectors
    • detailed audit information by event with real-time status

    • information is continually updated to present the most current view

With the All Clear System, safety and security are right in the palm of your hand!

All Clear System

For move information on All Clear System and to learn more, set up a consultation with your Black Bird Home Inspectors representative today. It may be the best decision you'll ever make!

Black Bird Home Inspectors
Black Bird Home Inspectors

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